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July 28, 2013
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. : [C-A] :: Traceyln Ambrose : . by MotherOfJayzer . : [C-A] :: Traceyln Ambrose : . by MotherOfJayzer
Yesss this is my boy Tracie for the lovely group

:iconsparklesplz: :iconcolossus-atrox: :iconsparklesplz:

I am so excited for it!! ahh-- I hope he is good enough orz ;;;

tried to do something different with the pose, and actually draw the 3DM gear lD ;;
there are millions of mistakes but I am happy with it overall.

Hey...Hey...=Rae-Nerdy Dominick you can has him now~ * wink *
he makes a great foot rest, among other things. :eyes:

I hope he is good enough for the group! I dunno why I am so self conscious, there are so many awesome
peoples in the group already and then here's my grumpy piece of horse shart hnfklgnfg--- :iconmingplz: //shot

his BG and wordy infos is due to a lot of change, I am not the best writer/story teller
but I will do my best, eep. >//m//<

trying to make sure this grumpy cat has a legit reason for being grumpy instead of just being born
with a stick up his ass, haha. ;;

also trying to be different than just a "all my frans got ate and I sad!" kind of story x'DD
omfg-- I hope he is good enough I feel like I am going to poop myself 'n vomit. 8''I


:star: . : Ways I Can RP : . :star:

:bulletblue: Notes
:bulletblue: Comments
:bulletblue: Skype: motherofjayzer *

( I use my desktop for this account, I can't webcam/voice unless I get a separate adaption. I have a laptop that I can use but it doesn't carry a strong signal. -.- ;;
so it's just a chat convo thing for right now sorry babus. )

[ Basic Info ]

Name: Traceyln Ambrose ( "Trace" for short ) do not call him Tracie or he will end you

Age: 19

Height: 162.5 cm // 5'4 ft . . ((HAHA SHORTIE <3 ))

Weight: 140 lbs.

Gender: Male

Nationality: French

Squad: Scouting Legion Soldier [Stationary Guard]

[ Traits ]

Combat: 6

Teamwork: 1

Agility: 9

Defense: 3

Strategy: 6

Total = 25 pts.

[ Personality ]

|| Shrewd | Fickle | Conceited | Tenacious | Attentive | Benevolent | Vehement ||

Tracie here, is a very complicated and conflicted child whether he admits to it or not. His bad qualities overpower any few good characteristics about him.

Gifted with a keen sense of awareness and vigilance, he is rather intelligent and cunning, a great guy to know if one is in need of a fast plan of action, he is always calculating and planning.

He is practical and often looks at life in a realistic, logical manner.
Viewing every problem as a challenge that needs solving, much like a rubix cube, he believes there is always a solution.
Even if one has to become devious and switch the stickers to solve the problem.

His stubborn persistence will drive him to keep retrying the challenge until he wins or ties with the other person.

He is a rather difficult individual to approach, with his ice, cold penetrating blue eye and obstinate expression, obviously not the expression of someone who wants to be your friend. Trace is very indifferent to others, on the outside he appears to be very stoic, and arrogant to everyone.

On the outside, Tracie appears to be a very hostile and obstinate, arrogant butt-face, but deep down he is actually a very compassionate and sensitive individual. He is burdened with insecurities. Who would think the guy who talks such a shit storm is actually insecure! ((Textbook definition of a "bully" right there folks.))

A lot of his insecurities were brought on early in his childhood, he was always the victim of ruthless bullying from the neighborhood children, and his own siblings and parents. The runt of the litter, his size wasn't a helping factor, that was one of the main insecurities, and the fact he had a different mindset from the rest of his blue-blood family, just isolated him even more.

Although he is very indifferent and detached from most individuals, he still does not want to seem them end up in the jaws of a titan.

No matter what they have done to him in the past, or if they had no contact with him whatsoever. Trace is a very attentive person, he would be the one person staying awake and alert at night keeping guard while the others slept around him. He is protective of human life, in almost a humanitarian manner.

Even if you were to throw gum in his hair, or pants him in front of the other trainees, he will of course yell obscenities at you and maybe curb stomp your butt to the ground depending on your gender, but if you were in true trouble of becoming titan chow, you better believe Tracie would be over in a flash pulling you to safety and risking his own life.

(( Though you better believe he will indeed make you feel bad about it, and humiliate you for it afterwards. ))

A lot his vehement, defensive nature is conjured by not only securities, but fear of building too close of relationships with others. Only to have his heart-broken if something were to happen to them, he would want to be the one to die in place of a friend. In a perverse way, he values the other lives of individuals more than his own, which at times earns him false titles for being called "brave" and "courageous".

He is the one to keep everyone at an arm's distance when it comes to relationships.

[ History ]

In a perverse way, Traceyln was born fortunate than a majority of the population.

Born behind the the Rose wall in the Trost district, titans and poverty was not always a major problem in his life. Living in a modest lifestyle, he was born with a roof over his head, and dinner in his stomach every night, this still did not persuade the young boy from acknowledging that others were not as fortunate as himself and family. Born in a cold, and heartless environment, his young compassionate heart instantly separated himself from the others.

Instead of a nurturing home environment, they had little to no contact with their very own children. Maids, and friends were placed in charge of caring for Trace and his other two older brothers. The older brothers were indifferent to this lifestyle and enjoyed the pampering from the maids, but to a sensitive child like Trace, it hurt to be shunned by his own biological parents. He like a stranger, adopted into his own home.

The family had an obscure belief that the children should be raised with no affectionate or maternal contact at all, in order to go out and become strong functioning individuals. Even when he was born the mother did not take care of him, instead he was raised by a maid named “Marian” who soon became a midwife and raised him herself. Marian on the other hand, was kind-hearted much like the young boy. They instantly got along and he practically became her own child.

Growing up, Trace had the privilege of Marian’s company and he would often accompany her in town and even back to her own home in the Shiganshina District behind within Wall Maria. He had a taste for adventure, even at a young age he was eager to explore and meet all the interesting new people outside his own district. Unfortunately, conditions were rough and most of the children had lived hard lives at very young ages. They have personally known family members, friends, acquaintances eaten by the foul titans. They didn’t much welcome this small nosy boy walking around in nice clothes randomly trying to get in their business.

But they quickly took advantage of his young naivety and his size for that matter since he was a rather small and frail boy. Away from Marian’s watchful eyes the children would tempt and invite him to play “games” with them and go on adventures. Excitedly Trace accepted the offer even against Marian’s warnings. He was finally able to interact with other people, he wasn’t ignored and shunned so coldly like in his own home.

The games the boys wanted to play was not your everyday game of Tag or Duck-Duck-Goose. They liked to play a game pretending to be soldiers, much like the ones seen zipping through the air in town. Out of resentment for his lifestyle, Trace was always be portrayed as the villainous titan. Out of these “play fights” Trace would always arrive back home very battered and bruised, they were just plain ruthless to the poor little guy. But despite the abuse, he kept coming back to play the games even sneaking out of night, to meet up with the other children. He at least was getting attention, even in the most negative ways. It was better than being shunned in your own household.

Marian did not at all approve of such games, as she was the one to witness his bruises and cuts most of the time. During one game with the others, things got out of hand. One of the boys had particular malice against Trace, and was rather violent, punching and breaking his nose, and stomping his head to the ground. It was at that moment, the child had enough of being the bad guy taking all the abuse, Trace grabbed the boy’s ankle and pulled the child to the ground before sitting on his chest and beating him with a flurry of fists. It was as if he could not stop, the blood on his hands was not satisfying him, he didn’t want this child to get up again. He was done being the victim, it was like all his fury over the years was finally released on this one single boy.

The others couldn’t stop him, they panicked and ran off in a group of screams and shrieks to nearby stationed soldiers. Marian was able to arrive to pull Trace off of the beaten child. She held him in a protecting manner, and pleading desperately as the soldiers arrived, tearing them apart. Trace was scared and ended up fumbling over his own words as they cornered him, about to take him to jail for an unpleasant evening. One of them had to be punished.

Marian stepped up to the plate despite Trace’s shrieks and pleads to step down. She ended up getting all the blame, as they took her away to execute publicly by be-heading, for bringing such a dangerous child from hell into their town. They had enough problems as it was with the titans, they didn’t need anymore rebellious thugs.

After being forced to watch his true mother figure lose her head in front of the large crowd, Trace would never let this moment down for the rest of his life. This moment would haunt him for the rest of his days. He could never forgive himself for having someone die in his place. That should have been him up there, not poor Marian.

From that moment one, he grew up with tremendous self-hatred. The young, curious and kind-hearted child he was soon grew up to become a very stoic and cold young man. He never wanted to have someone hurt in his place ever again, he pushed away everyone who tried to make contact with him, stubborn on being alone and away from putting others in harm.

His life style turned destructive, as he soon stopped caring about his life or what would happen to him. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to be alive anymore. A sudden turbulence has been awakened in him, he was quick to pick fights and chase away anyone who got near him. His biological parents were even scared of him, not even his older brothers who would get great joy out of teasing them would pick on him. He was short, but full of ten men’s worth of fury and hatred.

He was sick of being trapped behind these walls, sick of being trapped in his home, his modestly sheltered life, and the citizens in the district who would glare down at him in such disdain. He wanted to get away, he wanted to escape. It was almost as if his twisted prayers were answered that day, as there was a sudden turbulence in the air. Screams followed, along by the firing of gunshots. It was coming far off from within Wall Maria. Something was not right, stopping dead in the middle of the street he stared, as the other Trost citizens casually walked on.

“Sounds like Shiganshina is having another bad day.” laughed one woman.

“Such a shame. By the way? have you heard of the Mistresses’ latests affair?” answered a lazy man.

What the hell was going on? Mouth a gap he simply stared at the couple in shock.

“What..the hell is going on down there?” he croaked.

“Oh? The poor Shiganshina saps are being invaded by titans most likely. Did you live under a rock or something? It’s not an uncommon thing.” Sneered the woman, looking at Trace as if he was the dumbest person alive.

These people...didn’t care.
They didn’t care that innocent people were being eaten and terrorized so ruthlessly behind their wall. They were more concerned with latest celebrity affairs! How sick could these people get?!

He felt bile rise in his throat, as the couple walked away among the others who could care less about the massacre happening behind the closed doors.
Did he really want to just waste his life being as cold and indifferent as these people?


He wanted to change. Even though hurt from Marian’s passing, he still cared deep down. Hell, he cared so much that he kept pushing people away so they wouldn’t get hurt, which only hurt himself in the end. Absent-mindly his body moved on his own as he walked towards the commotion. He reached the end of the Trost Wall, and almost too easily snuck past the lazy guards as he entered the destruction happening on the other side.

It was almost a morbid fascination, he never witnessed such chaos.
The towns folks were fleeing in terror, buildings were destroyed and far off in the distance
he saw them. The very creature he portrayed growing up as a small child. The horrid, hideous titans. With their Cheshire cat grins, they swallowed one poor soul after the other.
The bastards were enjoying it. Hell he didn’t think they were just eating them for food!
they enjoyed watching these people scream and flee in fear!

The twisted grins on their monstrous faces, instantly reminded me of the ignorant couple that walked on so cheerfully behind Rose’s wall. Laughing as these poor innocent people were dying, it didn’t affect them, they could care less. At this realization a flame ignited in his heart.

He ran towards the monstrously creatures blindly. Even without 3DM gear and equipped swords, he dashed madly. Grabbing every small child he could reach he rushed to pull them away from chaos along with their mothers who at least cried “thank yous” a million times as he helped them evacuate to safety. His heart was slammed in his chest, every breathe he forced his lungs to take burned with great intensity. He loved this feeling.
He felt alive. Even though he was breaking his own stubborn promise of avoiding people at all cost, he loved this feeling, he was proud for once in his life.

The soldiers zipped through the air overhead as the families fled to safety. A glint sparked in his eye as he watched the soldiers move so gracefully through the air, whipping up in the air to spin gracefully before slicing the nap of the titan’s neck off cleanly.

They were free as a bird in the air, they could see everything. See the world in a whole new perspective, as they flew over the titans with great freedom and ease. They were powerful and strong, yet gracefully. It was as if they were dancing through the air in some sort of twisted ballet of life and death.

Watching them, he felt satisfaction, watching the titans crumble and fall to the ground in a heap, as the soldiers maneuvered through the air. He wanted to be just like them. Hell, he wanted to BE them. He wanted to be free. Free in the air, free from the twisted corrupted folks back home, even free from these walls.

He wanted to fly.

An upper middle-class, boy from a snobbish family who looks at the human race in an apathetic manner.
They don't care, they live in Trost and don't care about anything as long as the titans don't
harass them.

Trace is sensitive and caring deep down unlike his family, he cares about humanity although he
doesn't show it. He comes off cold and indifferent to others. Disgusted with the lack of care, and
living in such a sheltered life, he wanted to do something about it.

[ Reason ]

His main reason for joining :

He doesn't want to live long enough to become heartless and cruel as his family, he wants to do something with himself and for the rest of humanity.

➙ He wants to be able to experience "flight" and "freedom".

➙ To escape his sheltered life, and be out in the world and all it's wonderful and terrible wonders.

➙ Choosing Recon, he finds it makes sense to take down the problem from the "source".

➙ Also he wants to get away from the walls. B/c walls suck rite? //shot

[ Likes // Dislikes ]

❤ Puzzles (( Rubix cubes, etc. )) ;; he likes to keep himself thinking and challenging his brain.
❤ Being left alone
❤ Winning challenges
❤ The 3DM gear ((it gives him wings yo, shit's like Rebull. /shot ))
❤ Learning more about the titans and killing them
❤ Dark Chocolate
❤ Horses
❤ Adrenaline rushes
❤ Cooking
❤ Sunsets
❤ Watching other people get yelled at/ put in place
❤ Yelling at other people or putting them in place when given the chance
❤ Performing better than the ego-maniacs/show-offs

x Loud people
x Outgoing people who run up to him trying to be his friend
x Getting yelled at / Scolded ((despite the rank of the other person.. ))
x People who out best in performance ((fighting, back sassing, etc. ))
x Other Arrogant / Egotistical people
x Witnessing death in battle
x Rats
x Greed
x Feeling defenseless
x Drinking (( he is a lightweight folks, LOLOL ))
x Recieving end of back sassing
x Making mistakes
x Stupid people
x Giving up, or just people who give up in general

[ Additional Information ]

ø Despite his size, he is fairly strong and quite capable of packing a punch.
He doesn't really have a six pack or anything, but his arms and legs are fairly muscled. (adds to weight)

ø Trash talker; despite his up bringing he can say things that would make your grandparents go deaf.

ø How he lost his eye is currently unknown (will be revealed later). He refuses to talk about it.

ø He can have "weak" moments. Ranging from offering to carry the gear of another trainee falling
behind in a March, to privately helping someone with their uniform straps.

ø Tends to underestimate himself and puts everyone's life above his.

ø He is not a lazy person, is seen actively trying to keep himself busy. (training, exercise, etc. )

ø Although he is fairly smart, he hates reading, due to his impatience.

ø His cooking will very possibly kill you, if the titans don't get you first. But for
some odd reason he enjoys doing it. (maybe for that reason? haha. )

ø Voice: " Piers Nivan " (Resident Evil 6)… ((starting voice @ 0:38 ))… (( starting voice @ 0:08 ))

ø Despite his foul personality/behavior at times, he is not really one to raise his voice and engage in "screaming matches",
he is more of the "taunting" I am going to find your weakness and bring it back up in her face kind of asshole.

ø He has a hard time dealing with death, he will literally try to save everyone possible if able, which is impossible of course.
In the end his troubled mind always warps the deaths of others and failures as his own fault and he beats himself up for it often.

[ Task Two ]

" So that’s it huh?? You're just going to leave. ..just like that?! "

Roared his father angrily from the bedroom doorway, his mother was weeping a couple of crocodile tears downstairs, to gather sympathy from visiting friends. They made him sick.

" Yup. "

Trace answered curtly. He wasn’t even going to waste a whole sentence with them, as he packed the remainder of his clothes into the worn burlap bag. He would never look back at these shallow people in their sheltered, arrogant lifestyle. This was never the life for him, from the moment he was born, he never did truly fit in this place. A stray puzzle piece to a very different puzzle.

He made his way downstairs. His father huffed angrily, stomping after him, already breathing heavily from the effort as his pudgy stomach seemed to struggle for air underneath his tight clothes.

" You ungrateful son of a bitch! after all we have done for you? all the money we spent putting clothes on your back and food in your stomach! and this is how you repay us!? "

Stopping short of the front door, the young man stopped in his tracks. Turning around he faced his angry father, and his weepy eyed mother. They were great actors, someone oughta give them an award for their performance. Despite himself, he found himself a muscle twitch at the corner of his mouth. He was actually smiling, but it was not a nice smile, as it brought more tears and wails from his overdramatic mother.

" Yup. You must both be very proud of yourselves. "

His mother gasped as his comment, his father’s mouth dropped as his bushy caterpillar eyebrows raised in surprised.

" You. . .lil’ fiend! I will not have a son who goes out of their way risking their life for poverty ridden human filth! There is a reason those titans pick them instead of us..get out of this house, and NEVER return! "

Trace feigned a gasp as his hand moved to twist the doorknob opening the front door. He walked out the door, before turning one last time to face his ex-family. God they looked so pathetic, practically fat and spoiled on their own comfort. Disgusting.

" You mean I can NEVER return? like ever EVER return?! "

He raised his voice for dramatic effect, as some local town folks stopped nearby to stare at the commotion.

" I’ll get over it. "

And those were the last words exchanged as he slammed the door in their faces before more words could be exchanged.

God, it was good to be free of them.

[ Task Two ]

. : [C-A] :: Trace Task 3 Part B : . by CrossChuckles

[ Task Three ]

. : [C-A] :: Trace Task 3 Part A : . by CrossChuckles

Tracelyn Ambrose (Trace, Tracie, etc.) © .CrossChuckles

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